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Troubleshooting DB files

The first thing you have to do, when working with DB files is to make them visible. Many DB files are, by default, hidden because they are frequently used as system support files. Because DB files could be created with many different applications, the format of files with a DB extension will vary considerably from one file to another.

What can cause problems?

There are many reasons why you cannot open a DB file:

First - the DB file may be linked (associated) incorrectly with the installed application to open it. In this case you have to change this association. To do this, right-click on the DB file you want to edit, click on the "Open with..." option and then select from the list the correct program for the DB file. After this action, the problems to open the DB file should disappear.

When you work with Microsoft Access, for example, you may have the problem that the file does not open directly through the program File->Open menu. To work around it you can try creating a new database and then click on the "Import" icon; then you will have to choose the "Paradox (* .db)" file type and select the file you wish to open.

Second - the file you want to open may be corrupted. Then the best solution is to find a different version of the file or download it again from the same source (it is possible that for some reason in the previous session the download of the DB file has not been completed and cannot be opened properly).

Third - the DB file was corrupted on the device that uses it because of hardware damage, viruses or transfer errors to your PC. The solution may be to try to recover the file with appropriate software for this purpose, such as Paradox Database Repair or get a new version of the file.

Fourth - a cause that has recently became the popular topic of discussion is that the DB file that you cannot open is crypto-protected. In this case you can read our article 'Whatsapp and DB files' to be able to understand a little more about this topic.

To conclude, most of the problems associated with file types, whether on Windows, Linux or Mac, have to do with the file extension and the appropriate software to open them. In cases when DB files have to be opened directly by an application you can refer to the article above on how to open them.

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