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What is DB File

DB file extension typically indicates that information inside the file is stored as structured database data. Various applications can utilize this extension to store data like org chart, sales data, inventory, file list and many more. Such database files could be created by Microsoft Access, SQLite DB Engine, LibreOffice, Paradox, and more.

How can I view DB file?

You can open and view DB file in one of the following applications: Microsoft Access, SQLite DB Engine, LibreOffice, Paradox, Thumbnail Database Viewer, DB Explorer, DB Browser.

Are DB files binary?

Yes and no. DB files are typically binary, or at least contain some part of data encoded as binary. Though certain applications may still generate plain text DB files.

Are DB files encrypted?

It depends on what application was used to create DB file. For example, WhatsApp messaging application encrypts its DB message history files.

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DB Quick Info
  Windows Thumbnails Database
  SQLite Database File
  Paradox Database File
  not applicable
Opens with
  Microsoft Access
  DB Explorer
  Thumbs Viewer
  Thumbnail Database Viewer
  DB Browser