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DB Files and Virus protection

Files with DB extension are database files created and used by a large number of applications ranging from image organization in Windows, to backing up text messages on mobile devices.

That said, viruses and other malicious software may also contain various kinds of databases, used to perform their functions. And files with DB extension are not an exclusion to this.

In fact, malicious software can create DB file with its code or data with a goal to mask it, so that it is not detected by the antivirus and is able to make the damage for which it was programmed.

In the case of Windows, certain vital files required for correct functioning could be replaced by the malicious software. Even Windows updates database files may be corrupted which will prevent security updates to be downloaded and making user computer even more vulnerable to further attacks.

To fix a problem when Windows updates are not functioning you need to start Windows in a safe mode and run your preferred antivirus in this mode, or the malware removal tool, which is a component of Windows.

To start a Windows computer in safe mode you need to press F8 continuously when computer is booting up and just finished BIOS initialization. You should see a text menu starting with “Windows Advanced Options Menu” text. Select “Safe Mode with Networking” option from that menu to boot into the safe mode and start your antivirus software scan from there.

Once the antivirus scan is complete, you can proceed to start Windows normally and restart the updates. If updates are still not functioning, you may need to restore the Windows operating system to its last best state.

Due to the nature of some types of viruses, it is possible that the antivirus you have installed will erroneously detect a DB file as a virus (it is called a false positive detection), in this case you must make an exclusion, once the virus has been removed.

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