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DB file extension refers to the generic database files. These are files that can store business, consumer or system data in an organized way. In general, these files are formatted based on the relational database framework.

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Fixed data structure

The data in the DB file is organized according to a fixed structure, based on the relational database model, which means data is organized in tables.

Relationships are sets of the same structure, for example, a table that contains fields, values and data types. The relational model allows an easier modification of the data and reduces the risk of errors.

Support in mobile operating systems

The DB files on mobile devices are generally not intended to be opened or edited manually, since they are support files that include information for the device, possibly the operation of the device or for an application.

An example of a DB file on mobile devices is sms.db, a file that stores user text messages to support the application in the iOS operating system. Another example of a DB file is consolidated.db, a database file on iOS devices that automatically tracks location information.

These files are generally protected against information theft due to the sensitivity of the data backed up in them.

As a cache of other types of files in Microsoft Windows

The cache of thumbnail images located in a Windows folder. This type of DB files stores small versions of images stored in a folder for faster browsing. Normally it is not displayed unless the "Show hidden items" option is checked within the Windows view options.

As a generic database file

The DB database, as a generic database file, can be created by many database programs, organized in a flat file or as a grid of cells with rows and columns. They could be mobile, consumer or enterprise and can contain considerable amount of information and need specialized server software to run correctly.

Additional Information

DB files can be created using several database applications, for example, Microsoft Access. DB files can also be exported to different formats, such as CSV, TSV or XLSX. Database files are frequently hidden inside system folders.

A list of some programs that use DB files

QQ Account Database File

QQ is a Chinese chatting program that may store the contact list or log of online chat sessions for a user account.

Skype Chat History File

Skype stores chat history, instant messages and calls in a database.

X-Ray Engine Database

This game engine uses a database containing objects and other information used in games.


Files with a DB extension have found a many uses in a variety of ways, from plain text databases to object and image databases. We invite you to read our other articles to understand the wide range of uses and security tips of this type of file.

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