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Do you have a DB file that you want to read or view? You must know that there are several available DB file viewers and applications to open files with DB extension. Below is a brief oversion of these programs.

Microsoft Office Access

Microsoft Access is a database manipulation application in Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Access allows you to open compatible DB files. You can import the data from the DB file by selecting the "File->Open..." menu option and choosing the file type "Paradox (* .db)" and selecting the file you want to open.

Thumbnail Database Viewer

Thumbnail Database Viewer is a tool that allows you to view thumbnails stored in thumbs.db files in Windows OS. Thumbs.db cache stores thumbnails for all images in a folder, even if the image has been deleted. Preservation of old thumbnails makes it possible to do certain investigation tasks using thumbs.db files. Thumbnail Database Viewer can display all records in the thumbs.db, ehthumbs.db, thumbcache_*.db databases, including the thumbnail images. It creates a collection of all thumbs.db cache files and searches the Recycle Bin for the deleted cache files.

DB Explorer

DB Explorer is a powerful tool that allows you to compare two databases stored in DB or other file format and establish the structural differences between them. This software also allows synchronizing the differences between the databases. DB Explorer is compatible with any OLE DB or ODBC compliant database.

  • Compare schema: The software makes comparisons of schemas in terms of structure or metadata between two versions of a database. The objects in comparisons are tables, columns, views, procedures, indexes and primary keys. Once the comparison is complete, it presents a detailed summary on the screen.
  • Compare data: DB Explorer uses an advanced internal algorithm to report the differences between the data stored in two databases. This comparison can be made to synchronize the selected records with one or another database.

DB Browser

DB Browser is a free open source software which can view and manipulate SQLite files, including import and export operations.

So, why there are many different applications for opening DB files?

As you could notice, DB files can contain data in various different formats, so special care must be taken when opening and manipulating the data contained in those files. For example, a Windows thumbs.db file does not have the same structure and data order of an iOS sms.db file. For this reason, you must carefully choose the software to work, open and edit DB files in order not to damage or lose them.

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