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How to Open File Extensions That You Don't Know? - Part 4

This is also effective for issues with software compatibility. Users familiar with the *.doc extension may find files with *.docx strange. But in reality, all these files are created using similar applications. Installing compatibility software will allow an application to adapt few changes on file types to recognize.

In some situations, renaming a file using different file extensions may work. These can be done on files whose extensions are related to the alternative extensions. This can work on most image files. However, a disadvantage of it is brutal. Accidentally changing the file extension of a file may alter the original content and encoding of the file making things more complicated. It is recommended to create a backup of the file before any attempt of renaming is done.

These are just few ways that you can do to open files with strange file extensions. But if everything fails and you are not ready to take all the risk, the best way to open a file with an unknown file extension is to call for professional help. Professional help means, seeking for advice on applications such as registry cleaners or other applications to address your problem.

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